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Why do we gain weight?

There are many different reasons why we gain weight and I won't begin to list every possible reason why you may have recently gained weight, or have always been over weight, or why you may be having trouble losing weight. There isn't one perfect answer for everyone but I will most of the leading reasons below.


I'm not going to lie to you. Our genetics can be a big factor on whether we are fat or not. We all know that person who can eat everything he wants, yet he never gains an ounce. And there are others who seem to gain five pounds after having a snack. There are many reasons for this, some of which include what kind of metabolism a person may have. But some people really do have that 'fat' gene or they have the genes to stay slim. I am not saying that somebody with bad genes can't lose weight and stay slim, but for those people it will just take more work to stay in shape.


Today we live in an environment that makes it easy to get fat and out of shape. We live in a high pace society and most of us always seem to be on the run. We don't have time to prepare healthy meals at home. We value convenience and for most of us, going through the drive through of fast food joints is just a way of life. And the more we eat fast food, the more we get a addictive and used to these meals. And let's face it, we usually don't get a salad and a water. Instead we get that high calorie, high fat combo meal.

Also, today people get a lot less activity then people did decades ago. For example, most of us sit in front of a desk at work, we use escalators and elevators and instead of stairs, and we sit around watching a lot more TV then we did in the past. And of course we use remote controls to change the channels.

Proportion Size

We gain weight when we take in more calories then we expend throughout the day. So you think the solution would be easy to lose weight. We should just eat less and we'll lose weight, right? Well, today it's much harder to take in less calories then we expend because we are used to eating much bigger portions then we should. I have already mentioned that we live in a 'fast food society'. We are used to eating out. But studies show that the portions we eat at restaurants are almost twice as big as what we should be eating. We end up eating a lot more calories by the end of the day because of the added calories per meal that took in. But again, we are used to 'super sizing' our orders and eating foods that are full of a lot of extra calories. We get the larger burger with cheese when we really could be satisfied with the smaller burger. We also get the large order of fries and large soda. And when we go to sit down restaurants many of us get our sodas refilled more then once.

Today it's very easy to consume a lot more calories per meal but doing this day in and day out really ads a lot of calories that make it almost impossible to not gain weight.

Bad Carbohydrates

Too many bad carbohydrates can contribute to wait loss. To learn more about bad carbs click here.

Too Many Sodas and Sugar-filled drinks

Sodas and other sugar-filled drinks are one of the worst things we can give our body, and in my opinion its one of the main reasons people are much fatter today then we used to be. Sodas bring absolutely no nutrition value whatsoever. They are like 'poison' to our bodies and people who drink a lot of sodas have a greater risk for obesity and are usually less healthy then people who don't drink many sodas. Not only are sodas very unhealthy, but they are full of a lot of wasted calories. People who drink a lot of sodas probably don't realize how much more calories they are consuming then people who don't drink many sodas.

Health Conditions

Having certain mental or physical health conditions can cause us to gain weight and make it harder for us to lose it. If you have experienced rapid weight gain and or you don't understand why all of a sudden you can't seem to lose weight you may want to see your doctor. There are too many possible health reasons that can contribute to weight gain for me to list them all. But some examples could be: stress and anxiety (which I also could have listed under environment), blood sugar imbalance, hypothyroidism, low metabolism,  low testosterone or low growth hormone levels, or even having a disease of one of your organs such as your heart or liver.

These are just a few examples but having anyone of these or other certain health issues could be a major factor as to why you are gaining weight and even if you eat right and exercise, you may still find it difficult to lose weight. You may be able to fix your health condition yourself in order stop your weight gain, such as learning how to increase your metabolism, or decreasing your stress or anxiety in your life. However rapid weight gain could signal you have something more serious so its always a good idea to talk to your doctor about your weight gain and get regular physicals.


My all means, let me stress that the above factors I mentioned which contribute to weight gain are only some of the major ones. There are many other factors such as eating too many processed foods, not drinking enough water, not getting enough sleep, and not exercising enough.

Click here to learn some good guidelines in order to help you stay fit and healthy.