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The truth about carbs

If you are asking this, you are probably confused as most of us are about carbs. High protein, low carb diets have been the craze for years many years now. 'The Atkins Diet' was one of the first low carb diets to hit the world, and most of us know more then one person who has tried this diet. I'll admit that I have done the low carb diets a few times and I will say that cutting out carbs can help you drop fat and weight for a while. What you are supposed to do is try to eliminate almost all carbs and rely on eating mainly just proteins and fats. You can have all the meats, eggs, and cheeses you want. But for you burger lovers this means just eating the meat and cheese, while eliminating the bun.

Does this work? I am not going to lie, each time I have done a low carb diet I initially lost weight. But I have learned over time that the low carb diet is just a quick temporary fix and it's not a long term solution. After awhile you'll get board of the diet and once you start eating carbs again, the weight will come back. And there is a lot of debate as to whether or not the low carb diet is good for you. Most nutritional experts tell us that our bodies need a good balance of protein, carbs, and healthy fats.

So are carbs good for you or not?

Yes, carbs are good for us. Actually carbs are very important to us because carbs give us energy. If you don't eat carbs you'll feel very sluggish. How are we supposed to work out and get our metabolism increased when we have no energy? So carbs are important, but not all carbs are created equal. There are 'Good Carbs' and there are 'Bad Carbs'. The good carbs are essential for our health while the bad carbs make us fat and unhealthy.

Good Carbs

Good carbs are found in whole, natural foods. Also known as unrefined carbs, or complex carbs, they are very important to us because not only do they give us energy our bodies need, but they also give us vital fiber, vitamins, and minerals we need to stay healthy. Good carbs are the carbs nature intended us to eat. Some of the important carbs you should eat include: whole grains, beans, legumes, nuts, fruits, and vegetables.

Bad Carbs

For years we have heard that carbs make us fat. Well, it's the refined, processed carbs that most of us eat today that make us fat. These carbs our in foods that have been altered by humans to make it more convenient to sell us the packaged or restaurant foods. But these foods are now not in their natural state and they lose most of the important nutrients we need. Some foods that we eat so much of that include bad carbs are: white breads, baked goods, sodas, fast food, and snack foods and deserts such as ice cream, candies, cookies, donuts, and chips. These are just some of the major bad carb foods you should try to avoid as much as possible. But really it's not that hard to guess which foods have bad carbs. If you think the food has been altered in any way and doesn't seem like its in its natural state then it's probably not good for you. There are exceptions like certain meal replacement shakes that make sure to give you the proper nutrients you need but in most cases try to avoid as many refined, processed foods as you can. Of course it's OK to indulge a little here and there. I know I sure do. But by getting in the habit of decreasing the amount of bad carbs you eat, you'll start shedding the pounds.

Carb Blockers

Although you should make an effort to avoid as much bad carb foods as you can, its almost impossible to eliminate them entirely. I'll admit, even for me its hard in today's world to never eat these kinds of foods. So if you believe it will be very difficult to stop eating these bad carb foods then my suggestion is to consider taking a carb blocker. Taking an effective carb blocker can help block a great deal of carbs from the foods you eat and will also reduce your desire for carb foods so you won't be so inclined to eat as much of these foods. All you do is take the supplement before eating a starchy meal full of bad carbs. And it should reduce the affect of what these bad carbs would have normally done to your digestive system. I'm not going to tell you that by taking a carb blocker, you don't have to worry about what you eat. This is not true. But as long as you are making an effort to eat better, and exercising regularly, taking a carb blocker could be the additional component you need to take your weight loss to another level. Everybody is different but if carbs are hard for you to avoid, especially the 'bad carbs', a carb blocker may be the supplement for you.

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